SCOUTS: The Beginning Back-story

Book 1 of the SCOUTS series. Available at: Amazon
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SCOUTS: The Beginning Back-story

Post by Phill » Sat May 05, 2012 3:58 pm

The Scouts series came to me when I wrote the SECOND book in it. I'm bass-ackwards like that sometimes. The book SCOUTS: The Unicorn Quest, was written first. But it wasn't until i had been given an idea for a second book that I realized I could create a whole series from it. I figured the next book in the series should be the first book OF the series, the beginning of it.

To do that, I had to come up with some justifications for why these folks would be together, how they came together, where they came from and a bunch of other things. I did a lot more thinking about the characters in this book than the second one in the series in order to graft them into the second one. I also had to create a much bigger "universe" to put them in so I could expand on the series.

So it was much harder to write this one, but at the same time more satisfying. The groundwork was laid to create the kind of series that I described as Star Trek meets Gunsmoke. Instead of "exploring strange, new worlds", they were trying to reconnect to the worlds that had been lost or out of contact after a 100 year long galactic war with an intractable enemy. This spared me from having to worry about "prime directives" or make it too "trek-like". The Scouts don't go out exploring or patrol regions of space. They have a mandate and specific missions with each book.

In the end, this book laid the foundations for the whole series, and dove-tailed into the next book in the series. Considering the order in which they were written, I thought it turned out pretty well. So do my readers, since the SCOUTS series makes up the vast majority of my book sales.