Author's Image Back-story

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Author's Image Back-story

Post by Phill » Sat May 05, 2012 3:21 pm

Author's Image was an odd book for me. I didn't expect it to go as long as it did, and probably could have turned it into a trilogy (which I may do in the future). I wanted a story that reflected some of the things an author does (at least at the time - today, getting "published" is one thing, getting money for it is another). The sense at the time was that only in a story can one play God. Then my mind wandered into the "what if?" zone and came up with the (not terribly original) idea of what if you really WERE God to the stories you wrote? What would happen? How would you deal with the consequences of your imagination.

I wrote the book back in the 1990's, with my oldest chapter files showing a date of February 22nd, 1996. I seem to recall that single date was around the time I got the IBM 386 from Chris and translated my books (10 of them at the time) to the IBM format. After I got the 386, I started writing longer chapters since I COULD. 64K isn't that much memory, and the chapters reflect a short (about 8 pages) maximum chapter length.

My life wasn't in a happy place back then and my writing was a way to vent the impotent rage I felt about having a Guardian Angel who was a magnum cum laude graduate of the Marquis de Sade School of Nurturing. As a means of escaping a life I really hated at the time, writing was helpful.

So Author's Image is probably around 20 years old. The original story, before I edited it to modernize it some more, doesn't include a hard drive, which means I wrote it on the Commodore.

One of the problems of writing books that contain modern references is that times do change.

It's the longest book I've ever written, but I can't remember how long it took. It was the first I self-published, but has only sold a few copies over the years. Being as long as it is, that's not surprising. Paper costs for printing were (and still are) a bit high. The book has never been "traditionally published" - yet. Maybe one day when I'm famous more people will read it.