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Author's Image Book Description

Post by Phill » Sat May 05, 2012 3:19 pm

Sean Knight, the successful author of a fantasy series of popular books, unknowingly upset the delicate balance between Good and Evil in his last book. Forever fighting, Good and Evil each sought dominance over the other. In his last finished book, a book which seemed to have written itself toward the end, Sean had unwittingly left a chance for Evil to survive when Good died. And Evil did, indeed survive.

Given aid by powers greater than Sean could imagine, Sean's most evil character, still weakened by this nearly fatal encounter with Sean's now dead Hero, now endeavors to destroy his own creator. Sean, the Creator, doesn't have a clue.

But Good has an ally in Utolock, the land and world that Sean had created. Through the link Sean has with one of his more minor characters, Good informs Sean of what is going on in his world. Sean thinks he's writing a new book, but has no control over the events, characters, dialogue or anything else he once had at his command. Little more than a chronicler of the events, Sean watches helplessly as his world, his creation, is turned upside down. When that minor character, the one Sean always had a special place for in his heart, is suddenly cast into the void between the dimensions, the story, the vision, the compulsion to write, all vanish.

And when she turns up in a store window exactly as he had last envisioned her in the story, Sean learns a whole new meaning to the concept of “reality”.

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