Seren: The Roots of the World - Backstory

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Seren: The Roots of the World - Backstory

Post by Phill » Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:28 pm

To be honest, there isn't much of a backstory to this one. It's the sequel to Seren: Secret of Magic, and starts off four years later.

About the only remarkable thing I encountered in writing it was a horrible experience in chapter 7. I just couldn't seem to get all of the action right, and no matter how often I tried to fix it, it just didn't get fixed. So, in April, 2018, I stopped editing on it (it was already finished by then, but the editing is the bane of my existence) and said to myself *grumble*grumble* fix-it-later *grumble*grumble*.

As it turned out, "later" was October. I had just finished writing and editing Legacy of the Skytouched, and knew I had Seren 2 about to be done. Whether through PTSD or what have you, I had entirely forgotten about why I stopped editing on it, right up until I hit Chapter 7 again.

My blood pressure spiked and my hairline receded.

So, I cut the whole thing (about 8000 words by then), split it into two chapters, and rewrote the first part. It MAY be a bit of an odd read, but the gist of what I was trying to do was related, it's not horribly redundant (as much as it used to be, at least), and it's a "better read". I'm not sure it's perfect, but I figure it's good enough without having to seek professional psychiatric care for the trauma of not being able to say what was on my mind for so long.

I had already done the renderings for the cover art, and the descriptions were ready to go. I'd even begun the publication process in April, and let it sit for six months to stew and be forgotten so I could go in and fix what was broken.

So, I'm pleased by results, and this gives me most of three months before the end of the year to decide which book to push out before New Years (I have at least, and probably only, one more planned). And yes, the next book in THIS series is already under construction, but I'm not expecting it to be done til the middle of next year (May-August) since I have other books in line waiting to be edited and polished.

Oh, and for the record, this book (as well as the preceding one and the next one) are all actually situated in the SCOUTS universe. If you've read Cinder and Ash, you'll recognize some characters from that book in this one, but the time-line is well past any new SCOUTS adventures, and takes place about ten years (give or take) after the end of Cinder and Ash. Hope you guys enjoy the read!