Seren: The Roots of the World - Description

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Seren: The Roots of the World - Description

Post by Phill » Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:49 pm

Four years after the Day of the Southern Sun, when Seren sent the Magic back to the dimension it came from and fixed the DNA of the inhabitants of the world so that they'd start to have Human children again, Seren, the Chief Magistrate of the Magentians, needed a break. One couldn't say the previously warring Magentians and Electrians were on "friendly terms", but at least they didn't seem to be pursuing open warfare between them. For the moment, at least, things seemed to be doing well enough that Seren's indispensable role as arbitrator for the Three Nations could be put on hold for a few quads while she pursued other interests.

The plan was that she and her Electrian friend Koreen would fly an airship toward the regions where her memories of her previous life were strongest, hoping to find traces of the original settlement of the First Ones, who had arrived almost a thousand years before the Sundering, and who had almost all died off during the Time of the Sky Fire. Miralenda Gravtok was still an entity with whom Seren communicated on a fairly frequent basis, and she was continuing to teach Seren some new tricks. She wanted to revisit the place of her death as much as Seren wanted to see it for herself.

But on the way, the two were blown off course by a fierce storm. Barely able to stay aloft, Seren and Koreen were blown much farther west than they had planned to go - well beyond the shoreline and over the ocean. Losing altitude, they spot a large island in the distance and manage to crash-land on it. While exploring the island, they discover an even older artifact of the First Ones - the wreckage of the Colony Ship Whethersfield, which had brought Humans to the World more than ten thousand years earlier.

Even more shocking, some of the original colonists are still in their stasis pods, waiting to be revived. When Seren hears an ancient recording from a distant, and long dead ancestor, she's led to a pod containing yet another ancestor, who is very much alive - the only other adult Human being Seren has seen besides herself.

The World will never be the same again, but a new threat arises which might make the current generation of children the last generation ever born. It's up to Seren and the rest of the World to come together and work to save the World, before it all falls apart.