Legacy of the Skytouched - Description

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Legacy of the Skytouched - Description

Post by Phill » Tue Sep 04, 2018 4:32 pm

Into each life, something unexpected falls. For Grebek, the son of the village shaman out gathering essential herbs for medicines the shaman uses to minister the villagers of their tribe, that something unexpected was one of the Skytouched, smashing into the soft ground not far from him.

He raced over to the bird-like person, and found a tiny young woman with startling blue wings. She was Ky-Ara, one of the Fallen - an Avairian who fell out of the sky around that time each cycle. Only unlike her predecessors, this young woman was still alive. After getting help, Grebek was told by his mother that he would care for the young Avairian, and nurse her to health, as part of his education in being a shaman himself.

Over the course of many moons, he did as he was told, and in so doing taught her his language, and she taught him hers. They fell in love, despite the major differences in their sizes. Though crippled from her injuries, she could still fly, if Grebek threw her into the air. Together they were very happy with one another, and applied to be mated. His mother agreed to the pairing, and after they lived the requisite time together without deciding to split up, they traveled to the city to register their mating.

But all was not well in the land. The Avairians had a long history of conducting raids on the Terrestrians for food and supplies. As of late, the raids were beginning to include something new: Deaths to both sides. An escalation of hostilities had begun between the Terrestrians and the Avairians, and was only getting worse. When the caravan in which the two were riding was attacked by Avairians from Ky-Ara's own flock, she saw a threat to her mate, and demanded to be thrown into battle.

Armed with only a pair of swords, she attacked the dozens of oncoming Avairians in a manner that was from the time of legends, and began on a path to creating a legend of their own that would remake their world with the relics of the past.