SHADES Description

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SHADES Description

Post by Phill » Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:27 pm

Humanity is on the brink of extinction. The world is uninhabitable south of the thirty eighth parallel. The is no persistent ice anywhere on the surface of planet Earth. The glaciers and ice caps have long since melted away. Mankind lit the fuse, and the Earth reacted, creating a wasteland.

And that's not the bad part.

The direct effects of climate change led to the rise of a new kind of plague, one which has no cure, one whihc is passed from person to person as easily as a kiss, on with which every man, woman and child is born, and from which all will die, usually by the age of twenty five or thirty - if disease, accident or infection doesn't kill them first.

They call it the Shades.

Living off the crumbling remains of the Ancients who inflicted their world with the climate they endure, the community of Haven scratches out a tenuous existence, relying on scavenges to pluck salvageable remains of Ancient tech and devices to keep going. The sone of the leader of the Salvagers is a small bout of ten, who is about to be tested to find out what he will do with what remains of his short life.

All James Kranz wants to do is the right thing, and to help people. When the trajectory of his life is suddenly altered by his own father rejecting him as as Salvager, James is set on another course that brings him face to face with the most unusual person he's ever met, and the most improtant task any person could ever embark upon: Saving the human race.