Coryphee' Book Description

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Coryphee' Book Description

Post by Phill » Sat May 05, 2012 3:36 pm

From the moment she appeared on the radar of the all-powerful Corporation, the child's life was theirs to do with as they pleased. She was unregistered, human waste to be recycled. But when she almost instantly healed wounds suffered when she was raped in the slums of Downbelow on the city-planet of Goldenhaven, she revealed herself to be a Talent of unusual strength.

Talents were rare, to be nurtured and used at the whims of whatever Exec first spotted one. Execs ruled the galaxy and harvested Talents like a crop, starting young, raising them up until the nature of their Talent was revealed.

For those of a lesser Talent - one that was relatively common such as telepathy - they spend the majority of their lives repaying the cost of raising them to legal adulthood. But the more exceptional Talents - those who could dominate, infiltrate, act as assassins and saboteurs - their value was extremely high since promotion among the Execs relied as much on guile, stealth and a timely death as ability.

So when the child grew into a young woman whose talent was projective Empathy - the ability to make others feel concepts, emotions and ideas - she would prove to be invaluable in forwarding the schemes of the Exec who sought one of the highest posts available to nearly immortal man: A Vice Presidency in the Corporation.

But all schemes have a cost in lives and resources. For a young woman of exceptional intelligence, a stubborn, distrustful streak ingrained by her formative years spent in the Downbelow and a dawning realization of what she could do, the cost of abusing that power would be paid in bloody retribution.

And all she had to do was dance...

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