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FULL SPECTRUM: Nightstar Rising - Backstory

Posted: Sat May 05, 2012 4:17 pm
by Phill
Once upon a time, before Harry, Hermoine, Ron and the word of Hogswort's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I decided to write a story about modern-day Wizards. The original dates on the file were pre-1996, and I think I wrote this before Warrior, which was written around 1994-1995 (before editing). The first Harry Potter book came out in 1998.

Other than both books being written in the same (approximate) decade and have to do with people who work magic after a certain time in their lives, they have absolutely nothing in common.

I wrote it because I thought it would be fun to come up with a story about people who could do magic living in modern times. I created a few premises - each Wizard had a "color" and that color indicated what they could do, each Wizard was at least physically an adult, that Wizards "rose" only every so often - once or twice a century - and that once the Power to do magic rose in them, they had to be "helped" to acquire it.

And then I went completely nuts putting myself in their shoes and degenerating into what I thought was a sexual orgy of depravity fit only for the adult bookstore.

Full Spectrum, originally written as one book, was finished and languished in my "Finished Books" folder for a couple of decades before I hauled it out, dusted it off and went to see why it was I had left it sitting for so long. Yes, there is sex in it, but it's not an erotic novel. It's actually relatively complicated, with several plot twists, confrontation, a touch of insanity, blood, gore and world domination.

I finished the editing on the original novel, then re-read it and realized the last third of the book is very rushed compared to the pacing of the first part. When I saw the length of the thing (almost 120,000 words), I realized I had another conundrum on my hands. Long books are good books for ending series but not so much for stand-alone books, unless you're talking murder mysteries. But series and trilogies are popular because the characters are extended over the story and as an author, I can put more detail and other fun stuff into the thing.

So, I have split the book into two parts, with a slight potential for three. The first book is about 80,000 words - which is 8000 words or so longer than the first Harry Potter book. Whether I make it to three books remains to be seen. I'll finish book two first (currently about 40,000 words) and see if the pacing flows properly. If it does, it will remain the conclusion of part one. If it goes over 90000 words, I'll probably split it up and put the third part.

The title "Full Spectrum" will be the same, but I'll add a one or two word addition to differentiate each book. The cover art hasn't been done, but I know what I'll be doing for each of the books, should it go to two or three.

Re: Full Spectrum Backstory

Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 3:02 pm
by Phill
If anyone thought the phrase "slight potential" meant "none" for three books, well, you'd be wrong.

I hit the "end" of the book in the second book, and was starting on what was essentially the epilogue - kind of wrapping things up. All was good until I started doing more editing. And more editing. And more editing.

This thing is like a clown car... Every time I THINK I've said all that needs to be said in the story, another clown pops up with a blow horn and and says, "NOPE!" Beep! Beep! I find nuances and loose ends all over the place that can be addressed, new mysteries introduced and even a BETTER climax than the world being taken over by Wizards... (Or IS it?? No spoilers here.)

So, this will be the unintentional trilogy - at the very LEAST. The first book, Nightstar Rising, needs some minor edits and it's done. The second book, Labyrinthian Time is pretty much done without much to edit in it. The third book, Genesis of the Legion, is currently into its second chapter with the whole fricking epilogue acting as an outline. Just to give an idea of how that would happen, the first two books covers about two years worth of time. The epilogue covers over five years in less than 5000 words.

Things needed to be explained in more detail than I was willing to put into the last book. and I came up with some really gnarly things to have happen that people (like you readers) would be asking me, "What about (fill in the blank)?" if I didn't address them. I hate loose ends.

So, the release of these books will be delayed, again, until I have the third book done. If the "slight possibility" of it actually turning into a series does happen, I'll release the first three books first before embarking on the next one. I only have some vague ideas about what a series would cover, but it might be fun.

Odd that I left this story as one of the last ones I'd earmarked for eventual publication from my older works. It's a really decent story, and not as full of sex as I thought it was (Yes, there's sex in it, romance, adventure, magic, Marines, history, gunfights, disasters and treachery - all the things that make a book worth reading).

And the better news is that even after adding more than 100,000 words to it (I tossed over 30,000 and re-wrote it, I'm currently around 172,000 words across all three books, some of which will be eliminated, but most of it incorporated, aiming for about 245,000 words in total, or about 81,500 or so words each (the first Harry Potter book was about 73,000 words by comparison). I hope to be done with the writing part by the end of the month, then editing all of them for a month, then the cover art for the last two then putting it out there.

So it looks like the end of February before I get this out. Might be sooner. Might be later. It depends on how much time I have to put into it in the coming months. I'll keep you posted.

Re: Full Spectrum Backstory

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 12:05 am
by Phill
Oh holy hell, I FINALLY got this clown-car bitch out there!

Today I sent the final edit of Book 1 to Amazon and am awaiting final review before it's published. I completely re-wrote it, using the same characters, idea, general plot and many of the same "scenes", but with completely updated dialog, descriptions and pretty much everything else that goes into a novel. I even commemorated the accomplishment with new cover art, and a liberal dose of holiday rum.

This marks the 25th anniversary of it being originally written as one novel (FULL SPECTRUM), and six years from when I tried to turn it into a trilogy, (in 2012) and three years after I re-wrote the first novel (again!) (in 2015).

For the record, this isn't the ONLY book in this endeavor. I have at LEAST 2 and possibly 3 more planned, with the potential for making this into a series, and will be throwing them together over the next year. This is "officially" book 1. More WILL come. It's the FIRST book I ended "unsettled" (that is, the story doesn't "end" but there's a natural transition in the plot at the end), so in that respect, you'll have to wait to book 2 and then book 3 and (possibly) book 4 before the story is told.

This particular book - Nightstar Rising - marks my 4th NEW(ish) book published this year. I plan on shooting for the same number next year. Once it goes "live" (within about 3 days or so), it will be my 20th book currently available on Amazon (I have some others I republished in a second edition to deal with some issues, but those original ones are no longer available).

Thanks for reading and have a GREAT holiday!