Full Spectrum Book Description

The first book in the Full Spectrum trilogy
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Full Spectrum Book Description

Post by Phill » Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:03 am

Full Spectrum is currently being developed as a two book, possibly three book, story of modern Wizards.

The Spectrum consists of eight Wizards.
  • Ebony, the Black Wizard whose power can do anything any other Wizard can do, is a 250 year old Jamaican-born slave who came into his Power, and stopped aging at the age of about thirty.
  • Amethyst, the Purple Wizard of Knowledge, youthful looking, but ancient and timeless, born so many centuries before, none know her true name, age or even where she was born. Universally recognized as "the first Wizard", she is the unofficial, but universally recognized, center around which the other Wizards revolve.
  • Blaze, the Yellow Wizard of Weather who can call up a storm on a sunny day, or make a storm go away. A bright and beautiful Dark Ages-born woman who enjoys the company of other wizards.
  • Skye, the seven hundred year old Irish-born post-adolescent Blue Wizard whose Power commands water in all its forms and properties.
  • Emerald, a middle aged, Middle Ages English gent whose Green Wizard power is the command of all plant life.
  • Grey, the unimaginatively named Grey Wizard whose late Ming Dynasty birth brings an Oriental flare to the powers of the mind that are his color-dictated talent.
  • Cardinal, a European-born, renaissance era Red Wizard with the ability to command the element of fire.
  • Ivory, a late Dark Ages French lass whose White Wizard power of illusion, and lust for power, put the other members of the Spectrum in grave peril.
For centuries, the Wizards of the Spectrum gather once a year to compare notes, but otherwise rarely interact. They only cooperate according to the Vow: Protect the Spectrum, harm none with magic except in self defense, aid Rising Wizards.

Now, a new Wizard is rising, the first in over a hundred years after the disastrous failure with a Rising Wizard in Russia in the early part of the twentieth century. He will be Nightstar, the Silver-Black Wizard, with all the Power of Ebony, and one power no Wizard has ever possessed before: The ability to make a Wizard out of anyone.

He is also a special agent for the FBI, and a direct threat to the very lives of the other members of the Spectrum. They have lived with all the paranoia and fear centuries of exposure to witch-hunts, ignorance and bigotry can create. Can Nightstar be trusted? How will his arrival affect Ivory's carefully laid plans for wold domination? Can the Spectrum even do anything together against the one Wizard among them who has more Power than all of them combined?

In a world with real magic, real consequences and anything goes, only Time holds the key to the future.

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