Cinder & Ash Description

Book 6 of the SCOUTS series. Available at: Amazon
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Cinder & Ash Description

Post by Phill » Sat Jan 02, 2016 11:26 pm

Cinder and Ash are two denizens of the Shade - the less than legal underground world of rugged individualists unwilling to live by the United Galactic Worlds' rules. Their exploits have earned them an interview with the most powerful of the Shade leaders as the Shade attempts to deal with the fallout of the sudden ending of the Fornyth War. Their mission: Obtain a "Seeder Ship" - a moon-sized colony ship able to move a billion or more people from an advanced civilization to an uninhabited planet and set them up with in a colony with an equally advanced civilization. The Shade wants one. Cinder and Ash will get one for them, for one hundred billion credits, plus expenses.

Set in a period that parallels the more familiar Scouts time, and is set for after the next book in the series (Scouts: The Wind Child), Cinder & Ash is a look at the UGW from a much less lofty view than that seen by the Scouts. The two live on the Edge, avoiding worlds with a strong UGW presence. They have many secrets they wish to conceal, and along the way, they learn of others of which the UGW is unaware.

One of their secrets is that Ash is dying, and Cinder will move heaven and hell to make sure some part of her survives. But the task to save Ash may be even more impossible than obtaining a Seeder. In pursuing their goals they uncover a secret that threatens to destroy the nearly five thousand year old trust that's existed between the Humans and the Methonians. Cinder's life is on the line to deliver the Seeder on time. But she'll use that Seeder, and anything else she can think of, to save Ash.

Even if it means the destruction of the UGW itself.