Sundered Land - The Sunderland Saga: Alpha Trilogy

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Sundered Land - The Sunderland Saga: Alpha Trilogy

Post by Phill » Thu Feb 20, 2014 4:07 pm

It's rare in the universe for rampant chaos and draconian order to collide in quite the same manner that befell the two worlds of Arcania and Gaiatech. Normally, when worlds collide, they obliterate each other in a spectacular and messy fashion. Not that any audience in either world would describe it as such afterward. They'd probably use adjectives like, "terrifying" and "horrific" – and all from a Ouija board, of course. Some may even use the word "apocalyptic", but that's a reference from a religion that was practiced by none the denizens of either of the worlds here.

However, as has been mentioned, this kind of spectacular, terrifying, horrific collision of worlds didn't exactly happen that way when Arcania and Gaiatech got together one day thanks to a dimensional rift and a quite a few hundred megatons of exploding nuclear energy. What did happen was not something anyone predicted, let alone expected. It came as quite a shock to the inhabitants who realized something had happened at all and something of a surprise to the rest of the world once they learned that something had happened in the first place. But that latter part came much later.

Half of Arcania, the world of magic and not a little bit of chaos, was suddenly fused with half of the technological world of rules, the ruled and the rulers, Gaiatech. As if this wasn't bad enough, each world was already dealing with world-altering events of their own before this new one befell them.

On the Arcania side, there waged a war among magic workers – the powerful, but few in number Castwells against the not so powerful but vastly more numerous Malmens – was more or less winding down when the Castwells, led by Dominick Castwell (or Nick, as he was called by his associates) opened a portal through which to dump the Goofis who were endangering his world. Goofis were the inadvertant product of bad spell casting, and caused untold damage. The Malmens had figured out a way to make them and control them, after a fashion, for their own purposes. That the Goofis made people's magic backfire or act in odd ways was especially vexing when everyone in Arcania had some level of magic and it was used routinely for just about everything.

Hundreds of billions of little flying heads flapping around with over-sized ears interfering with everyone's magic, starting fires and spreading what to a chaotic world was even MORE chaos, wasn't a good thing for Arcania. Being unable to destroy them, the only option was to dump them somewhere they could do no harm – like across a dimensional void to a world where magic didn't exist. And Nick was successful in doing that. The Malmens were still a threat, of course, but at least the Goofis were gone.

Unfortunately, when one big problem was solved, a bigger one rose in its place.

That bigger problem was Gaiatech.

It would come as no small comfort that Arcania was as much of a problem for Gaiatech as Gaiatech was for Arcania.

On the Gaiatech side, a genetically enhanced and specially built to be sane member of a Powers That Be family – one of the twenty or so families that ruled the planet in hedonistic luxury while those who kept them in that state of luxury, called the Commoners, shuffled through life with no luxuries at all – named Fitzhugh Worthington was on a mission to avenge the death of his family. Well, not so much their death, since they weren't dead at the time, but more like the reversal of fortunes they had experienced at the hands of the OTHER P.T.B. families when they had tried to take over the world all for themselves. Fitz's task was to destroy the P.T.B. families.

Now, in a world of rules, one would think this would be a difficult task and one would be right. By a very convoluted route involving motherships, particle beams, Bunkers in the earth and lots and lots of semi-human robots they had made to help them called Peabots, they had only mostly managed to nuke the crap out of the industrial base that supported the P.T.B. families, who were, at the time, starving for supplies thanks to earlier sabotage and a fortunate explosion or two at fusion power plants.

Unfortunately, both the P.T.B. families and the Peabots were beyond their control at the moment. This was mostly because the intrepid gang of five who were to assist Fitz in his task, (Two brothers, two sisters and a perpetually perky lab experiment named Jeremy) were either stuck in a powerless Bunker (which was one of the brothers) or stuck on a disabled airship type of craft that was designed to carry and deploy a bunch of automated, autonomous particle beam weapons platforms to intercept and ride on gigantic supply ships, then attack anything that was moving once those supply ships reached their destinations. The one in the Bunker had his own issues, since he had turned the Peabots against the plan in an apparent attempt to take over the world himself. Him being stuck in a powerless Bunker wasn't part of his plan. The ones in the disabled particle beam platform mothership were rapidly running out of food and water and had just witnessed the arrival of hundreds of billions of Goofis just before the spectacularly blinding, not to mention damaging, arrival of Arcania itself.

The latter of these events was precipitated by these five aboard the mothership when they set off the nuclear warheads that caused the sudden destruction of the P.T.B. industrial base and, coincidentally enough, the catastrophic arrival of the half of Arcania that attached itself to half of Gaiatech like a leach.

Grafted hemisphere and hemisphere into one planet, their worlds had been cut in half and glued together – one side magic, one side tech – and everyone had a lot of things to learn about the other side, and a lot more to do with the other side before anything resembling something that may come within eyesight of the idea of normal could ever be expected to be achieved.

An ancient Chinese curse says, "May you live in interesting times." Gaiatech had already seen more than its share of interesting times. Arcania was always interesting.

For the Sundered Land of these two worlds now become one, the times were about to get even MORE interesting than anyone in them could have ever imagined.

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