Arcania - The Sunderland Saga: Alpha Trilogy

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Arcania - The Sunderland Saga: Alpha Trilogy

Post by Phill » Thu Aug 08, 2013 6:51 pm

Never let it be said that in Arcania, life is boring. It is often chancy, confusing, conflicting and many other not-so-great-sounding adjectives beginning with the letter C, but boring it is not. And not because boring begins with a B.

Arcania is a world of magic, which is why it is chancy, confusing, conflicting, and many other not-so-great-sounding adjectives that begin with the letter C. At least this is the opinion of those in Arcania who try to imagine other worlds that don't have magic. Given the ubiquitous nature of magic, it being everywhere and all, and the ubiquitous nature of magicians of some kind, which was pretty much everyone, the propensity for chaos (one of those not-so-great-sounding adjectives that begin with the letter C not yet mentioned) was extraordinarily high. There were three other words, not coincidentally not beginning with the letter C, which also did not describe Arcania. Orderly, efficient and quiet.

The magnitude of this lack of order, efficiency and general quiet was not appreciated by those who reveled in why these things did not exist in great quantity (if indeed in any quantity at all) in Arcania. After all, those who grow up amid chancy, confusing, conflicting chaos tend to pass right by it without giving it a second thought.

Daycare workers are one excellent example of this.

But while daycare workers tend to be dealing with children, Arcania is a world of all ages, all dispositions and all abilities. That everyone works magic to some degree is absolutely true. But they don't work it with equal facility. Most anyone can conjure up enough heat to light a candle. But it takes an entirely different level of ability to incinerate a forest with a single thought. And those who could do it, after being properly punished for doing something like that, are taught how to use their abilities. Perhaps not so much taught how to use them as how to keep from using them inappropriately.

Perhaps, also not coincidentally, the brightest of the magic workers are also the brightest of the thinkers. One of the unbreakable laws of magic is that there is a direct correlation between intelligence and magical quality. The smarter a person is, the greater their quality of magic. But there are other Laws of Magic as well. Many of them. The Law of Magic that says ALL humans beings have magic. Like charging a battery over time, the Law of Magic that says the older one is, the more quantity of their magic they can actually do at once. The Law of Magic that says ALL Laws of Magic are unbreakable – or so it's thought.

Such Laws of Magic are tested from time to time. And since they're tested in Arcania, the tests are usually filled with chancy, confusing, conflicting chaos until either a bunch of people are dead, or the laws turn out to be wrong and have to be changed again. Fortunately, such events are exceedingly rare.

Philosophers who ponder the reasons behind such an arrangement speculate that if everyone could work the same quality of magic, and the same quantity, the stupid would probably have long ago incinerated all the forests and raw building materials, not to mention animals, would be unavailable with which to construct and feed the cities of Arcania, making modern life as they knew it impossible. It should also be noted that people often become philosophers because they're not very good at magic to begin with.

Another thing that they occasionally considered was what it would be like if someone was born with out any magic at all. As it happened, that was the next test of the Laws of Magic. But this being Arcania, it would not be as straightforward as that.

So it is with this scant and inadequate background that we begin this never-ending tale. It is one of chance, confusion, conflict and chaos. But, then, if it wasn't all of those things, it wouldn't be a tale of Arcania to begin with, now, would it?