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Mis-Adventures of Booster Cogwheel Backstory

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:46 pm
by Phill
So why on earth would a guy sliding up the wrong side of 50 want to get into something that appeals to the young of the world - namely Steampunk? I like the sensibilities, the tech, the characters and the era - so there.

I ran across Steampunk at Comicon a few years ago. I thought the inventiveness of the costumes and gear was absolutely outstanding. I saw several anime movies that inspired Steampunk - Howl's Moving Castle and Steamboy to name a couple - and loved the concepts. I was a fan of the Wild, Wild West (mostly with Robert Conrad, I didn't really like the Will Smith remake, though the tech in it was fun) and loved Firefly, which had a HUGE Steampunk sensibility.

So, naturally, I had to make a costume.
Al things you see in this picture will be part of the Booster Cogwheel story. I also made all things you see in this picture (except the hat, which was only accessorized). For a one-eyed fat man, Booster is ready to kick some butt.

And so, naturally, because I can't take it seriously, I have to write a comedy series featuring my favorite reluctant officer of the law who is only a hair trigger away from complete and total destruction. So this is why I decided to do the Booster series. I figured if you're going to have complete and total destruction, you may as well laugh about it and have a good time.