Mis-Adventures of Booster Cogwheel Book Description

A Steampunk-based comedy series in the planning phase - no release date set.
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Mis-Adventures of Booster Cogwheel Book Description

Post by Phill » Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:20 pm

The Continuing Mis-Adventures of Booster Cogwheel is a long title for a series of books that will feature a Rooster Cogburn rip-off. Well, sort of. The era is the same (the late 1890's), the character is pugnacious, one-eyed, a little heavy and older than most "heroes", but other than that, there's almost no resemblance to the True Grit character.

And in case it's escaped your attention, Booster Cogwheel is a Steampunk series with dashing heroes, dastardly villains, distressing and distressed damsels along with assorted, over-the-top mayhem. Oh, and puns. Lots and lots of puns.

It's a foray into another reality where Victorian technology powers futuristic devices. Booster is a character who uses a Gatling gun as a standard side-arm, loves weapons more than women, has broken more laws than he's observed and is sent to New Iberia to keep the peace in lieu of a battalion of Marine Drop Troops as a newly minted Tesla Ranger.

Law enforcement will never be the same.