The Empathy Epidemic Book Description

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The Empathy Epidemic Book Description

Post by Phill » Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:16 pm

Over the course of several weeks, a strange kind of epidemic spreads to engulf the world. The phrase, "I feel your pain" becomes more than an empty sympathetic expression. People begin to actually feel the pain they cause others and eventually, the entire human race is "Changed". Everyone feels the same sensations they inflict upon others.

Governments can't function. Wars can't be fought. Medicine can't be practiced. Society falls apart in an oddly subdued way.

The Empathy Epidemic is an insightful, philosophical yet exciting Sci-fi/Fantasy novel for reflective adults which explores, through the eyes of four people, how such an event would impact humankind today - Judy, a reporter, Craig, her cameraman, Ted, Craig's computer genius buddy, and Nia, an ER nurse they meet during their travels.

Between them, they discover, track down and interview a unique individual who turns out to be responsible for unleashing the Change. They learn that the Change is really about the long-term survival of the human race and that mankind will destroy itself unless it can unify through its tribal nature. Their unusual, dimension-jumping acquaintance has seen many futures and knows that the Change must be completed in humanity if Mankind is to survive the self-destructive liabilities of civilization.

But people fear and resist change, even when it's for their own good. A treatment is developed that temporarily halts the symptoms of the Change for a select few, though at a terrible price that must, eventually, be paid. Panic sets in and the President is desperate to stop the Change at any cost, even if it means destroying mankind in order to save it.

And he will if those four friends can't stop him in time.

The Empathy Epidemic could well be the salvation of the human race, or the trigger of its destruction.