Unicorn Dreams Backstory

Available at Amazon - Caution: Mature content.
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Unicorn Dreams Backstory

Post by Phill » Sat May 05, 2012 4:15 pm

Unicorn Dreams is probably the oddest book I ever wrote.

I was going through a very bad time in my life (as I was for most of my books) and was feeling the need for a fantasy novel. I had the image of a unicorn standing in a mountain meadow. Well, that evolved into a book which started with my life as I saw it at the time that spun off into hitherto unvisited, odd and possibly depraved directions of what I like to think is literature but what some may think of as smut.

It's a judgement call on that.

Yes, there is sexually explicit material in it. Yes, it has bestiality in it. And yes, the funny thing is that none of it is gratuitous. Well, most of it isn't. And the bestiality actually make sense.

It COULD have been called "Everything You Ever Wanted To know About The Sex Life Of A Unicorn, But Was Afraid To Ask". Unfortunately, that's more wordy than I normally title my work. So Unicorn Dreams it was and it was initially written in 13 very frenetic days of word vomit. It was like I was possessed and spent every waking moment for that fortnight in writing. I DID have to go back and edit it - a lot - but the original book was done faster than any other book I've written.

I'm in the final editing phase on it, but the cover art is going slowly.

Added 10/12/2013: The book has been submitted for publishing on Amazon and has passed the review process (so, apparently, it's not too over the top which is pretty much what I expected). Once the thumbnail of the cover is up, then the book is ready to be bought and read.