Code of conduct

Everyone has to follow the rules. Please read them first.
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Code of conduct

Post by Phill » Sat May 05, 2012 2:55 pm

It SHOULD go without saying that the following rules must be followed by all those posting here. Enforcement will be swift and uncomfortable...
  • 1. No spam. This gets you instantly banned.

    2. No VPN's. I identify spammers via IP address. VPN's are often used by spammers. If you go through a VPN, you will not get authorized for access. If you don't know what a VPN is, relax, you're not using one.

    3. No flaming, trolling, hate or vulgarities. We're all adults here (or should be). You need to act like one. You will be warned, if not banned outright, for this.

    4. No double-posting/spamming. This means that you shouldn't be posting back to back with yourself. Your posting should be conversational with regard to other posts rather than a monologue. If you accidentally post the same thing twice, delete the second post. If you forgot to add something to what you just posted, please edit what you posted by clicking the Edit button instead of making a new post. Your posts should never appear twice (or more) in a row.

    5. Stay on topic. Don't post about a different book in the wrong forum. Conversations about things relating to the book are fine, but conversations about other things in a book forum should be avoided. There will be a general discussion thread opened if a need for it comes up.

    6. ALL POSTS MUST BE IN ENGLISH. This may impose a hardship on you. Try Google Translate if you need to. But no languages other than English are allowed. You will be banned for posting in non-English.
In general, be nice. You're allowed to express an honest opinion, but it should be presented in a way that wouldn't make a five year old ask their parents what a word means. It's best to express an opinion along with a "why you feel that way". This will improve my writing, inform other fans about your motives and possibly provide a new perspective others can enjoy.