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Best laid plans, and all that

Post by Phill » Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:56 pm

Howdy folks!

Upon reading through the first book, I realized it's, well, boring. It needs spice. It needs pizazz. It needs more than what it has to make a story that will keep a reader's interest.

So, the "clown car" is being put into a car crusher. It'll end up as ONE very long book, but it won't be nearly as long as it was otherwise going to be. It'll also be a better read, and have "series potential", though I think I'll probably leave what I do with it where it will be to marinate for a few years before going back to it.

The upshot of this is that the "editing" is actually going to be re-creation, which is okay, since I know what the story (mostly) is and don't want to add anything. So, I'll snip out the boring parts, keep much of the action, try to make sure character development stays consistent and see what I come up with. The Wizard's abilities are especially timely today, and I'll be incorporating that into a much better story.

Still, this only means, same book, same deadline (before the end of the year) but a different quantity and better quality. Since it was written so long ago (more than 20-25 years ago), it still needs modernization and updating (the Internet was barely a thing then, GPS for civilians and law enforcement wasn't available, cell phones didn't have Internet, or cameras - it was a much different world than today).