SCOUTS: The Time Thieves Book Description

Book 3 of the SCOUTS series. Available at: Amazon
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SCOUTS: The Time Thieves Book Description

Post by Phill » Sat May 05, 2012 3:50 pm

After acquiring two passengers from their previous assignment - one a super genius, the other a former unicorn - Katy and Tigara are reunited with the rest of the Talon's crew. But instead of a happy reunion, they come bearing grave news: The Scoutship Merlin has disappeared while on routine assignment investigating the status of a colony world. It's up to the Talon and her unique crew to discover the Merlin's fate.

Upon arriving in the system of UGC 1109, the Talon crew discovers two worlds that are apparently colonies of a species known to the UGW as one which which rejects modern technology. But unlike the home worlds, these two worlds enjoy a high level of technology. But there the comparisons end.

The first world is a lush paradise with huge estates and what appears to be an extremely luxurious standard of living. The other is little more than a hive with the equivalent of worker bees slaving away their lives in service to the first world. While the inequities between the standards of living of the societies are large, Katy and the crew of the Talon don't see how either society could do anything to a Scoutship. Their technology was not apparently powerful enough to hurt one. But there's no trace of the Merlin - which is what they came to find.

There are other issues as well. The citizens of one planet seem to live almost forever. The citizens of the other planet live barely half a Human lifetime. In some places on the second planet, the ground is considerably younger than surrounding ground. In others on the first planet, the regions are thousands of years older than they should be. Time seems to be out of whack but it doesn't make sense.

Katy, aided by her new "crew members" from UGC 0751 III, visits both planets and gets to the bottom of a five thousand year old secret: Why do the Sherians, which once had an extremely advanced society, now reject all technology above primitive steam power? More to the point, what REALLY happened to the Merlin and its crew?

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