SCOUTS: The Unicorn Quest Back-story

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SCOUTS: The Unicorn Quest Back-story

Post by Phill » Sat May 05, 2012 3:59 pm

The Unicorn Quest was actually the first book written in the Scouts series. I had so much fun with it, I wrote the first book, then a couple more.

To be honest, I forget exactly what motivated me to write The Unicorn Quest. I did it back in the 1990's, of course, with the files showing a late 1995 date, or about the time I got the 386 from Chris and was writing using Word Perfect 3.1. I imagine it was simply a "this might be fun" kind of thing that just grew without a lot of effort. I do recall something about wanting to come up with a scientific explanation for "magic". All in all, it's a fun story.

When I finished the first writing on The Unicorn Quest book, I realized I had the potential for a decent sci-fi series and wrote the first book - The Beginning. I then modified The Unicorn Quest with more references to the first book for better continuity and came up with the idea for the third book from an odd source. You can read about that in the Time Thieves back-story thread.