SCOUTS: The Unicorn Quest Book Description

Book 2 of the SCOUTS series. Available at: Amazon
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SCOUTS: The Unicorn Quest Book Description

Post by Phill » Sat May 05, 2012 3:49 pm

There's no such thing as magic...

As the UGW pieces itself back together after the Fornyth War, the Scouts are hard-pressed to cover all of the assignments they're needed to do. With the rest of the core crew of the Scoutship Talon recovering from their injuries, Katy and Tigara are sent on what Admiral B'eton calls a fast, simple survey to a life-zone planet. Their assignment: See what's there, report back.

But strange energy readings are messing with the survey, necessitating a closer look. Katy and Tigara take the Talon to the surface and encounter the unexpected: Humans, living in a medieval culture. With no record of the planet ever being colonized, let alone by Humans, the mystery deepens as the two try to discover the source of the strange energy readings.

But things go from odd to bizarre when they discover that "magic" is routine, normal, and done by many adepts both Human and immortal. The points at which the "magic" is strongest correspond to the places the odd energy readings are coming from. Investigating further, Katy and Tigara encounter a creature from Earth's mythological past: A unicorn.

Even with this strangeness, all is still not right with the world. There is an imbalance, the "magic" is getting stronger and it appears that the planet itself undergoes unexpected shifts from H-space to N-space every several thousand years - destroying all life on the planet.

With an inhabited planet facing the destruction of all life, it's up to Katy and Tigara, along with two new allies - a former unicorn and a super genius-level young woman - to stave off disaster, find a solution and secure the safety of all. Can a prophesy from the ancient past help lead them to their goal?

Available at Smashwords and Amazon!