Book 2



Reality and Illusion Description

Having gathered the Dragons of Arret, Hymie, the leader of the Dragons, must now find the Disappeared.  Their journey spans vast seas and untracked tropics where ruins of a previous civilization may hold the key to unlocking the mystery of where the Disappeared went.  But the mystery is compounded when they discover that the Disappeared keep disappearing – over and over and over again.

Worse, contrary to the One Law, it appears that they are using their Talents to deliberately harm each other.  But the Disappeared have no memory of having done any such thing.  They only have nightmares in which they are helpless witnesses to atrocities their bodies commit, as if another being were using them.

To solve the mystery, Hymie and the Dragons of Arret will have to travel to another world, one where reality is altered, and almost everything they witness is an illusion.  Separating out what's real, and what isn't, may lead them to yet a third world, where reality is far more real, and dangerous, than they could have ever imagined.

Reality and Illusion Backstory

Following on the heels of Book 1 "Gathering of Dragons" came "Reality and Illusion".  I knew to some degree what I wanted to have happen here, but this was the intermediate step in the saga - a time of investigation and learning.  It's not quite as exciting as the first book, but it introduces new character who play a pivotal role going forward, and answers most of the questions about what happened to the Disappeared, who was responsible for their Disappearance, what the Disappeared have gone through, and sets up what to do about getting the Disappeared back where they belong.

In writing this one, a lot got changed from the rough draft to the final version.  The rough draft came in at about 62,000 words, while the final version is over 104,000.  In it, a second world is created, which bears little resemblance to Arret, and ties in closely with one of the themes I wanted to have incorporated into a book (There would be spoilers were I to mention which theme it was).  But it's an integral part of the story that lays the vital foundations for the final book.