Book 1



Gathering of Dragons Description

On the world of Arret, six different intelligent species peacefully coexist, trading between their cities and villages for what they need.  Guided by eleven of the twelve Spirits who provide them with the ability to manipulate Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Healing according to the Talents attuning to a particular Spirit allow, they live close to the land, but are not dominated by it.  Life is peaceful, simple, but rewarding and fulfilling.  Dangers were overcome by Talent, and the Spirits provided insight into the life-problems people encountered.

That is until one day, the denizens of Arret began to mysteriously Disappear, vanishing from their lives, leaving behind heartache and anguish.  No one knows why they're disappearing.  No one knows where they go.  No one knows if they're even still alive.  Even the Spirits have nothing to say about it.

Then on the first day of Rat, Hymie, a Rabbit-attuned, Earth/Water female who traded her natural affinity of dispensing sexual pleasure for the necessities of life, heard the voice of a Spirit who never talked to anyone, except in times of dire need: Dragon.

Told to attune to Dragon, certain she wasn't up to the task, Hymie would embark on a quest to find the Disappeared, and return them home.  But she'd need a little help doing that, and in acquiring that help, would embark on a journey that would span her world, and beyond.

Gathering of Dragons Backstory

The idea for this book began in early July, 2019 during a very bad time in our lives.  In the past, I wrote to deal with the rage I often had because of  my having a guardian angel who was a magum cum laude graduate of the Marquis de Sade School of Nurturning.  So, this was a rage-motivated offering.

However, in form, it was the synthesis of many different failed book ideas I'd tried in the past.  I attempted stories having to do with artificial intelligence, video games, fish-out-of-water, aliens or epic adventures.  The idea came to me to tie them all together in a more unique way than has been done in the past.

When I outlined it, I realized that it would be much longer than ONE book in order to do it justice.  So it was planned as a trilogy from the beginning.

I also used a new program to help clean up a lot of the errors I'm prone to makeing in my writing during the editing phase.  So it should be a somewhat higher quality of read than what I've done in the past.